A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Potato Soup


1 med to small onion

1 tablespoon of butter— salted or unsalted

1 can  cream of chicken or celery soup (I like the chicken personally)

2 ribs of celery

4-6  med. sized potatoes— can use red, russet or whatever potato you like

2 cups of milk—whole works great.

1 cup or two of chicken broth/stock or water—whichever you happen to have on hand at the time

salt and pepper (red) to taste

1 handful or two of shred cheese—cheddar works good.

real bacon bits ( or fake) and maybe a tiny bit of green onion  for garnish

First skin, cut, and cube your potatoes then set aside.  Next chop your onion and celery into small, fine pieces. Melt your butter in a pan or pot big enough to handle about four to five cups of  liquid.  I like to use my spaghetti pot.  When butter is melted add the onions and celery.  Cook until tender.

Add the cream of chicken soup next into the pot with the milk.  Stir, mixing well, then add the potatoes. Throw in your salt and red pepper to your liking, cover and let cook on med to low flame. Make sure not to scorch the soup; stir often to keep from sticking to the bottom. You can add the broth/water every now and then to keep the soup from getting too thick, but be careful not to over do it.  Too much water will take away from the flavor and make the soup very bland.

When potatoes are tender ( maybe an hour or so, depending on your cook top and how often you were interrupted by the kids), turn off the heat and add the cheese.  Stir.  If you add the cheese during the cooking process it will stick to the pan and spoon, making a mess. Yuck!  Put into small bowls and garnish with the bacon and green onion bits. Grab a handful of your favorite crackers and enjoy!

* If you wish, this soup can be kept in a crock pot (after it’s been cooked) all afternoon without running into problems. Just stir every now and then.

*If leftovers are too thick the next day, just add a little bit of milk or water to it when you nuke it in the microwave or warm it up on the stove.


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