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Feeding My Habit

When I was younger, I loved to read.  When I was in college, I didn’t have as much time to hit the books but I still harbored my love for them (reading the textbooks for class doesn’t count).  When I moved out on my own I collected books like crazy and read them with just as much fever. As I moved into married life, it continued on  and I made sure to keep a steady stack of books around in case I ever got the urge.

I collected everything, my favorite being mystery stories; I absolutely loved Agatha Christie books.  I collected old books, law books, antique encyclopedia sets—one set dating to around 1910. Cooks books, kid books, classics, huge ancient dictionaries, really everything. Nothing was safe if it was a book. And I read them all.

But, as the kids came along one by one I found that I had less and less time to read.  And then when we started moving from house to house due to the out growing of them, I packed fewer and fewer books to each new location. I must have donated or gave away hundreds. Some I just threw away. Only my favorites did I keep which occupied a small handmade bookcase in our game room left behind by the previous owners.

Well,  now with all the kids all in school and no  little one in diapers demanding things from me, I’ve dusted off the old habit .

At first it was just a book here and one there as I was wanting to start slow.  Most of them came from the small section at the back of the local Goodwill.  But then I stumbled upon something at my local library.  You see, they have these chest high bookcases  loaded with used books located on the left just as soon as you walk in. They were dirt cheap—25cents for paperback and  50cents for hardback.  I was in heaven.

And then the magic book fairy looked down and smiled on  me, showing me another small shelf  tucked  away by the copy machine.  It was the ‘Free’ bookshelf.  I asked the librarian if I was reading the sign correctly. She assured me that I was.  I then asked her if there was a limit as to how many I could have.  She told me there wasn’t a limit—that I could have as many of them as I wanted or as many as I could carry out the door.

She should never have told me that.

Now, most of these books are old library books,  ones that have seen better days or out of circulation use. But I didn’t care. I’ve been every week since and that is the first place I hit before I do anything else. The librarians laugh when they see me coming and without saying a word, hand me a box to put my treasured finds in. I never leave without at least five books in hand and most are my favorites: mystery stories.

Only once did I feel guilty about my hoard.  While I was making my way along the bottom rack, a lady came up and began rummaging threw my freshly acquired stacks.  Using my best southern manners, (momma would have been proud) I politely told her that those were my books and that I was sorry for the confusion.

She turned and stared me, demanding asking if all of them were.  I replied yes.  Well, that didn’t make her very happy and she threw the book down and mumbled something about me being greedy and rude. I tried to explain that not all of them were for my pleasure, but that I had five kids who also liked to read—especially my oldest son who was gonna love all the WWII books that I had just pulled. The lady could have cared less and strode off still mumbling under her breath.

I began to rethink my stacks and which books I could put back. I mean I wasn’t trying to be ‘greedy and rude’.  And if she thought that, then maybe others had passed by and thought the same thing.

I guess the librarian must have overheard the conversation and possibly saw the hurt look on my face because she walked over to where I was standing.   She told me to keep my piles and take as many books as I wanted. After all,  The sign taped overhead never did say there was a limit.

I told her ‘thank you’ and that I promised each would get read, and they did.

I love books!   Now, if you will excuse me I’ve just returned from a trip to the library  and I’m itching to grab some coffee, snuggle up on the sofa and feed my habit.


(how do y’all like my photo above? I thought it came out cool… those are just a few of my many treasures sitting on my  shelf)


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Where did she go?

Most of you have noticed that I haven’t been hanging around here much lately.  It’s not that you people smelled bad or anything. It’s just that I was …well…tired.

For the last few years, really since my last child was born, I’ve been slowly loosing energy.  Kinda like a balloon with a small leak.  I barely had enough energy and strength when I woke up in the mornings to be exhausted.  Yeah, I know what your are thinking: it’s because of all those blasted kids she has—that would zap the energy out of anyone.

Well, that was only partly true. Yes, they can be a handful,  but my exhaustion was starting to effect my daily work schedule more than just the usual and not because of the kids .  Dirty clothes weren’t getting washed.  Soiled dishes weren’t getting put into the dishwasher. The horrid green carpet that covers my entire house was growing things due to lack of vacuuming. And my kids rooms looked as if World War 3 happened to them. And I didn’t care about any of it.

I was tired and only wanted a nap not to mention that my mood was always terrible.  The poor kids walked on eggshells around me. The neighbor kids wouldn’t even come over anymore (not that that was a bad thing… the neighbor part I mean), and my hubby wasn’t too happy either.

It got to the point that I was taking up to three naps a day sometimes. Each lasting up to two hours or more.  I didn’t want to be social with anyone either. I hated going places because it took so much out of me. My mother-in-law swears I was doing all this to ignore her.

My solution to all of this was simple: add coffee to my daily regiment. That seemed to work at first, but then I was consuming so much just to keep functioning that I was brewing several pots a day.  I don’t care who you are, tired or not, that much coffee consumed in one day will mess with anyone.

When that didn’t work, I cut back on the caffeine and  added multi vitamins to the mix and then multi vitamins for high energy.  Still nothing. I could have been eating PEZ candy for all I knew. I then added workouts on the treadmill and bike riding. Still nothing.  Changed my diet and stopped consuming most of my heavy starches and most if not all my sugars. Finally, I just gave up after years of trying to fix the problem.  I was even gaining weight. On what, I don’t know. I was eating healthy.

So when all else failed, I decided to go to the doctor. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been before and during all of this time, telling the doc my symptoms. All he did was laugh, blame it on the kids, my age, and gave me some Prozac. That wasn’t the solution at all. I stopped taking it due to the fact that it made me want to murder my family, by chopping them up into tiny pieces with a hatchet… just for fun. Into the garbage they went.

Besides they didn’t do anything for the weight gain (even though most folks would argue that I’m skinny, but 20 pounds is 20 pounds). And by now, my joints in my hands were starting to swell and hurt, and my bad cholesterol was going up. And lets not forget the wacko hair I’ve had over the last few years either.

Mom gave me the name of a new doctor to go and see.  She said she really liked her and that says a lot, cause mom is hard  woman to please.

I gave her a call and got an appointment.  She tested me for all kinds of stuff, due to the fact that we have heart problems and all kinds other defects that run in the family.Thanks mom and dad for your wonderful genes.

Two days later, she called  with the results and said that my thyroid was going nuts.  It wasn’t out of the so called safe range yet, but that it was on the border.

Now, before I go any further, I must tell y’all that I’ve had this tested every year because my mother has had problems with hers and every year the doc says it’s fine.  Well, technically it still is fine.  My mother’s, who has been on the thyroid medication since I was seven, is still fine even though she developed a goiter. Even to this day, she test well within the range of what is considered normal.  And there in lies my solution.

Even though my number is in the normal range, It’s not normal for me.  My normal number and range is different.  So that is what was throwing everyone off before, causing them to say I was fine. The thyroid was the cause of most if not all my weird symptoms, even my wacko hair and cholesterol problem of which I did not know it could effect.

Anyway, she gave me some tiny purple pills to take each morning.  OH, MY HEAVENS!!!!! What a difference they have made.  My husband swears that woman doctor gave me speed.

I have more energy now then I had before I had kids. I’ve lost weight, and my hand swelling has become almost non-existent.  Although the joints still hurt from time to time. Gone are the constant naps too. I might take one or two during the whole week now.  All the household chores and duties are done and current, and my terrible mood swings are behind me. I’m the cool mom again.  Honey, I’m in love!

So that is where we are at the moment.  I will try to catch up on here and become more regular. I now have the energy to sit and think again. Thanks for hanging around. Catch you guys later!

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