A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

About the crazy lady…

—I’m a middle aged  Southern woman… deep south ‘Southern’. If I say or use the word ‘honey’ in a sentence (or in this case a review/comment ), It doesn’t mean I’m hitting on you.  I’ve had many a person take this the wrong way. This word is simply just embedded in my vocabulary.  Maybe hypnosis would help…

—I’m married…..happily married. I’ve been with my first and only husband now for almost 19years. Yes, I’m one of those people.  And If  one of us should  ever become single, it’s because one of us took a shotgun to the other.

— We have five wonderful kids ( between the ages of 13 & 4) that I absolutely  love and adore. Okay; so I may have mentioned once, maybe twice,  that I wanted to auction them off on EBay. But they were driving me crazy those few days.  You try living in a house with that many kids…

—I love photography. Who knows, one day I might make the move up to amateur photographer.  It’s such a big step….

— I absolutely love to cook. What Southerner doesn’t?  ‘Course if you were to ask my family, they would say that not everything I cook is fit for human consumption.  It might give you consumption though….

— Lastly, I’m a stay at home  mom…who the neighbors think is nutty as a fruit cake.  So I  might carry on converstations with my chickens…and yell at the birds stealing my pecans while dressed in my PJ’s. But I’ll have you know, I’ve only had the fire department over once since we’ve been in our new home.  I was just tired of doing the laundry and thought it would be easier to just set fire to it all in the front yard and start over. I mean come on, who hasn’t done that?


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