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Enjoying a Frozen Saturday

It’s cold as tarnation here. ‘Course  you folks already knew that…unless you’ve been living under a rock.

It is really pretty outside, though.  The sun is shining bright and the wind has scaled back to almost enjoyable.

So why we get ourselves defrosted  here, I’ll post some pictures of  ‘others’ enjoying the weather.  Stay warm!

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  1. I hope y’all thaw out soon — crazy weather! Pretty photos though. It’s time for another log on the fire and some of your potato soup!

    I hope we thaw out soon too! I like cold weather and the snow, but the cold down here has too much humidity mixed with it and it seeps through your cloths in no time.
    Potato soup? MMMMM… come to think of it, I may have to make me some more. Hope you enjoy my recipe. Let me know what you think, If you don’t mind. And I’m glad you enjoyed my photos. Later girl!

    Comment by Mrs Beans | January 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. HEEEEY, that’s the kind of turtle I have 🙂 A red eared slider…mine is 21 years old…I have some pics of him somewhere on my blog. If you want to see him just search for “Henry” LOL

    Henry? I like that name—seems fitting for a turtle. 21 yrs old? WOW! We’ve had mud turtles and snapping turtles as pets before, but never for that long of a time.

    Comment by Kathy | January 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. Love the pics! Especially the one of the turtle.

    Thanks. I like the turtle one too.

    Comment by bluesuit12 | January 10, 2010 | Reply

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