A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Before Mr. Coffee there was this guy

I love to drink coffee as most of you already know.  It’s what gets me through the day and a staple of southern society.  I don’t think that I’ve ever been to someone’s house when fresh coffee wasn’t offered, the wonderful aroma welcoming a sit down conversation.

What most of you didn’t know, though, is that I have a favorite coffee pot: this one.  It was made between 1892 and 1920.  It’s a Rome peculator that holds around 4 cups and is made to be ‘cooked’ on the stove stop. It doesn’t use filters either. It has a permanent metal one that you fill with grounds.

The age of the pot is difficult to pin down as I can’t seem to find any like it online.  I did find out, however, that around 1920 the company was bought out by Revere Ware (the folks who make the expensive copper cookware today) and they stopped putting the ‘Rome’ name on the pots and started placing a combo of both.  Soon it was just ‘Revere Ware’ that graced the appliances.

I bought the coffee pot years ago in a  tiny mom and pop owned antique store. I paid the lady five dollars for it. It does have a few dents in the pot and the silver is worn down to the copper underneath in a few spots which may have been why it was so cheap. But, other than that it’s in great condition and still has all it’s parts.

For the longest time it just sat in my kitchen as a decoration.  That was until  hurricane Gustav hit a few years back.Without power, my husband and I were desperate for a cup of coffee.  I decided to give my little guy a shot.  So he got a good washing and was soon filled with water and grounds. I can’t express to you in words what a great cup of coffee that was, and I’ve used my antique ever since.

Not all the time, mind you.  Usually it’s just used in the afternoon or after lunch when it’s just me at home and I’m craving caffeine.  It doesn’t do for company use  as it only holds the four small cups.

Now, I must mention that it does have a tendency to leave a residue of grounds in the bottom of one’s  cup, but it doesn’t interfere with the flavor one bit.  In fact some folks in these parts wouldn’t say it was a great cup of coffee unless it had the residue.Those same folks usually drink their coffee from a French drip pot which is a whole different, but wonderful experience altogether.



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  1. Both times that we’ve been without electricity for several months over the last 6 months, we’ve used our handy percolator and I agree with you that the coffee tastes much better than it does from Mr. Coffee. It’s richer somehow. I found that a coffee filter with a hole poked in the middle of it put in the grounds holder does the trick for grounds in the bottom of your cup 😉 We got ours in the camping supply section of Walmart 🙂 I’ve missed visiting you. Hopefully I’ll be back for a while this time!

    KATHY!!! It’s great to hear from you! I’ve missed you. Hope things are going better on the home front. Yeah, I’ve tried the coffee filter with the hole punched in the middle. It doesn’t work all that great on this one for some reason. What happens is that the water builds up in the grounds then spill out over the edge of the pot. What a mess! I don’t really mind the residue as it is only that and not the grounds themselves. Great hearing from you again, girl!

    Comment by Kathy | November 19, 2009 | Reply

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