A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

I had a dream

I had a very weird dream the other night.   I dreamed that I had glued googly eyes to all the bananas in our kitchen and drawn funny smiles to match underneath.  Why exactly I had this dream I couldn’t tell ya.

Maybe it was the second helping of crawfish pie I had eaten for dinner…..or it could have been the half box of  frosted oatmeal cookies consumed afterwords. I just know it had nothing to do with the large bowl of chocolate cereal downed right before I brushed my teeth.  No, defiantly not that.

BUT… When I went grocery shopping that afternoon after the dream, guess what I found? Staring at me in the produce section was a bunch of bananas with face stickers stuck to them—silly, goofy face stickers mocking me.

Big Brother done gone and stole my idea!  (yes, I’m aware of the terrible use of grammar and sentence structure in that sentence…) Who knows what they will be stealing from me next.  I had better not mention my idea of a toilet paper roll that lights up in the dark  so one can see to use the ‘can’ at 2am without having to turn on the overhead light.


(Yes, I know; this is not a picture of a banana but  of  a pumpkin. But in my defense, it was the only fruit that I had around the house with googly eyes glued to it. Just use your imagination and picture it as a banana…..)

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