A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Stupid is as stupid does


This is Milo. He’s our cat. He’s young, curious…and stupid.  Needless to say he’s always getting into various forms of trouble. We should’ve named him George….you know, after the monkey.

This morning, our beloved monkey cat didn’t show up for breakfast.  We called and called, but no feline. This is  not unusual really as he sometimes shows up late. I reassured the kids that he would  eventually  turn up and then sent them off to school.

Around eight this morning he still hadn’t shown. So my youngest daughter and I went for a walk, a cup of coffee in hand.  As we walked we casually looked in all his old haunts, calling his name aloud as we went.

About half way down the street I noticed something in our neighbor’s yard. But being old (shut up) and wearing my glasses and not my contacts, I couldn’t tell what it was. My daughter said it was just trash next to a small pile of dirt.  So we continued on.

On our way back from our walk, the  neighbors (who’s yard held the trash and small pile of  dirt) flagged us down.

“Is this your cat?” they called out.

Guess what…. that’s right.   As I walked over to them I immediately recognized the dirt pile.  It was our cat and with all things, a bright blue Planter’s Peanuts can stuck on his head.

“Good Lord,” I replied.  “Is he alive?”

I had no way of telling how long he had been there with that thing on his head. It could have been all night for all I knew. And how much breathable air could a can that size hold and for how long?

All fears, though, were put aside when I saw movement from his tail as he heard my voice.  I began to laugh. He was alright and alive.

I reached down, gave him a small stoke, and then removed the trapped animal from his prison. Poor thing, he looked very confused and bewildered.

With a howl, he  took off in a fast paced run for our house/barn. The neighbors laughed, I laughed, everyone thought it was funny. Especially when I noticed that the can still held peanuts in it.

Stupid cat.

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