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Kids don’t make cents


My oldest son (13yrs old..remember this, it’s important for future reference) and I went to the grocery store last week.  I was in need of some bread, milk , and peanut butter.

Well, as we were shopping, I soon realized that I may not have enough money on me to pay for everything.

Sure enough, as Betty (that really was her name) rang up my purchases I was short .23 cents.   So I sent my son back out to the car, which was parked just outside the store’s entrance, to retrieve the coins as I waited at the register.

I waited and waited…and waited for his return, deciding to read the sale paper in the meantime. Betty checked her watch and then at the line that was forming behind me.

“Sorry, honey. He’s my slowest child; he’ll be here soon, I promise.” I told her

She looked very annoyed. Now, It’s not as if this was my first time in the store. I’m in the establishment at least twice a day; everyone there knows me.  The manager jokes that I should own stock in the business.  Betty could’ve just cashed me out and rang up the other folks behind me.  IT’S ONLY .23CENTS. But she didn’t.

By and by, my son returns with the money. His excuse for taking so long:

“I couldn’t find the change.  I found a quarter, but no dimes or nickles. So I had to count out the .23 cents in pennies.  Here you go.”

Both the cashier and I starred at my son.  I paid Betty while shaking my head.

“Honey, why didn’t you just get the quarter?” I finally asked him.

I swear you could see a light bulb go off above my child’s head as he realized what he had done. He then just replied, “Oh; I guess that would have made sense too.”

Yes, I think it would have made ‘cents’ too, don’t you agree?

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