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Low batteries

laundry girl

Do you ever notice that when you do mindless chores, like the laundry, how your mind starts to  wonder?  You start thinking up crazy things like  what happens  to people who have  pacemakers/defibrillators when they die.

Each of those little gadgets has a set of batteries in them.  And, well, an alarm goes off when the batteries are low and need to be replaced. ( I have an uncle who has one and he just got a new set of batteries and leads installed) It makes sort of a loud beeping sound–kinda of  like a cross between the annoying sound your alarm clock makes at 6am  and a smoke detector, or so I’ve been told– to alert you that its time to replace them.

Now, when you croak, do the doctors turn off the device or are you buried with the thing still turned on?  Can you imagine the caretaker of the cemetery driving by on the lawn mower hearing that noise.

” Hey Fred, we got another one of those beeping pacemakers guys over here… ”

Does the gadget try in vain to shock your heart back to life while you’re  six fee under?  I mean that is it’s purpose… to shock the heart back to life when it stops.  If so then it would cause the batteries to run low….and insure the beeping noise to follow.

I think I would want somebody to put a Post-it note on my chart to turn off the pacemaker/defibrillators upon my death so I wouldn’t wake the living with that annoyuing  warning sound.  Then again, I would already be dead and most likely wouldn’t care at that point. I’m sure  the sound would quit…eventually.


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  1. If I learned anything from Gray’s Anatomy – they have a magnet they place on it to kill the battery.

    Yeah! TV is good for something after all! Thanks for stopping by, Nicki. 🙂

    Comment by Nichole | August 20, 2009 | Reply

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