A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Make that one whole summer…

summer sunset

Seems my one month sabbatical turned into a whole summer. Sorry.  I needed it. I was due for a little R&R.

How was your summer? Mine was filled with ups and downs…lots of downs. But God is great and he came through with flying colors just in the nick of time.  Wonderful things can happen when he’s in control.

In short, the downs caused our already tight budget to become see though. My husband’s company cut his hours to only 32 a week— down from 40.  But he was smart, and had the good sense to see this coming.  Ever so wisely, he put aside all his vacation days so that on the days he was forced to take off he could just use a vacation day to replace it.  This kept us with a 40hr pay check.

The goofy school system around here decided to redraw the lines of attendance for their schools…..after 40yrs of having it the way it was.  My kids got looped out of their  current school and were forced to attend a brand new one.  The dividing line goes right in front of our house. My neighbor is gloating…and grinning from ear to ear. His little ‘Denis the Menace’ child gets to keep going to the school.  I could punch him in the nose, but by God’s grace I haven’t yet.

We can no longer afford to send my youngest to preschool. At 75 dollars a month plus gas to drive two towns over and money to provide for her snack, it has just gotten too expensive.

So I pleaded with my kids new school principle, who just so happens to have started a preschool program at the public school this year, to please let her be tested for the class  ( testing had already closed ). The class is free and all day long.  She agreed.

My daughter passed with flying colors, FLYING COLORS, but she didn’t get in. Want to know why?   You’ll love this….She did too well on the test.  She blew all the other little kids out of the water ( the principle’s quote), big time. She only missed one question out of about 40.  Apparently, they were looking for poor dumb kids to teach…not poor smart ones.  My daughter wasn’t even placed on the waiting list.  Basically, she fell through the cracks. Stupid system.

My husband sold his car back  here before school let out for the summer. I told him not too, but when someone is offering you twice what you payed for it I guess it’s hard to pass that up. We’ve been a one car family for the whole summer. It’s been very inconvenient to say the least.

I applied for and  got a job at the local dollar store to help make ends meet.  I lost that same job two days later…before I even had the chance to start.  See, I could only work nights and weekends because I have kids at home.  Another woman, girl,  came in right behind me (probably as I was buying my uniform and setting up check deposit stuff) and said she could work anytime, any day. The manager quit congratulating me on my new job and gave me the boot with the flick of her cigarette.

So those were the downs, now for the ups.

My husband found a new car—a  ’73Volkswagen beetle bug—for 500 dollars and it runs!  The body is in great shape as is the interior. We had money, lots of money, left over to fix the problems that came with the car of this age. Like new plugs, new filters, gaskets etc. I love beetle bug cars.

My husband is also back on a 40hr work week and we still have a few days left of vacation pay.  Yeah, baby!! (not that we could afford to go anywhere..)

I’ve opened up my own business too: a daycare.  I keep only six kids. At any given day over the summer I had at least that many plus my five  running around my house ( I’ve become the local hangout for the neighborhood, you see).  My friends and neighbors kept asking me how do I do it and still manage to keep a clean house too without going nuts.  “Do what?”, I replied.  Kids never stress me out.  It’s the adults that do.  I would much rather work with children than with so called grown-ups any day of the week.

So with that mindset, I decided to get payed for what I already do.  This way I can make way more than I could at the dollar store and still be able to teach my daughter at the same time so she doesn’t turn into one of those dumb poor kids.  Course, if she did that she would be able to go to the public school then. Stupid system.

Anyway, that was my summer… give or take a few happenings.  And believe it or not, I kinda miss my own kids at the moment.  Today was the first day of school, and I’m sure they will be nothing but chatterboxes when they get home too. I can’t wait to hear how their day went at their  new school.

Well, I’ve snagged your ear long enough and if you haven’t dosed off yet you probably need too.  I promise the next post will be regular and short.  I’m back.


PS.  I’ve missed y’all…

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  1. So glad to see you back! Kids don’t stress me out either but I’m the same way you are…adults generally ALWAYS stress me out! Happy Friday sweetie!

    Comment by Kathy | August 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve missed you too.

    Comment by Eirene | August 7, 2009 | Reply

  3. I’m so glad you’re back too! Your summer sounds busy but fun. I never got a job in Mesa and had to come back home to Arkansas which is where I am now. I’ve been only been back a couple of weeks but it’s nice.

    Comment by bluesuit12 | August 14, 2009 | Reply

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