A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…


I finished up the senior pics that I started over a year ago….well almost a year. I have to admit that this is not a profession that I want to go into. There’s too much time spent in front of the computer ‘editing’. ‘Course if I took better pics then maybe that time spent going blind in front of a screen would be less.

All in all, it wasn’t totally my fault that this shoot took so long—-I’ve done others that only too weeks.  The family involved had a lot to do with the time table.  One moment they wanted the photos immediately and the next they would have a fight with their son and not want them at all.   This went on for months. Sprinkle that with holidays, weddings, and my own family stuff and the year’s time was filled up pretty quick.  Plus, why put my hard effort and time into everything if they weren’t even sure they wanted them in the first place?  At least there was no money involved. That could have gotten pretty ugly.

The mother called last week and wanted them done by the end of this week. Now I wasn’t looking forward to spending my Easter vacation time on these, but told her fine…I’d have them by Wed.  She called and canceled this morning’s appointment so I just told her that I would  email the whole lot to her and be done with thing. She agreed.

We’re still on speaking terms, the mom and me that is—we’re good friends. She’s just squabbling with her son again.  I’m just glad it’s done with and told my hubby to shoot me in the head if I ever agreed to do something like this again. He promised to do so.

With that said…. Happy Graduation, Justin!


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  1. Love that overexposed look.

    Hey, thanks! I like the overexposed sepia look too…with just a hint of color. Thanks for swinging by!

    Comment by iheartfilm | April 15, 2009 | Reply

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