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Feeling a bit guilty

I have to admit it.  I’m enjoying being home by myself during the day.  All of the kiddies have gone off to school this year–even the littlest one. Heavens, how they grow up so fast.

At first I was dreading this. I even…well maybe just for a split second…cried at the thought. What was I gonna do with myself?  For the first time in YEARS I was not gonna have someone under foot asking for something or messing up the living room that I just cleaned.

And then there was the silence to contend with. It was down right eerie.  No longer was Dora the Explorer blaring at me from the TV (praise the maker!).  I could actually hear myself think, it was so quiet. But it was nothing that a radio, cranked up in the back ground, couldn’t solve. Plus, there was the extra added bonus of being able to sing out loud to my favorite songs without my kids asking me not too. My dream of becoming a tone-deaf backup singer  may still come true yet.

Honestly, all of this was a bit much to take in… at first. And then it happened. I became possessed by Martha Stewart hyped up on caffeine. Honey, I went crazy.

I cleaned my house from top to bottom, inside and out.  You name it, I did it. I even vacuumed–yes VACUUMED– out the attic and organized everything with those plastic Rubber Maid containers. The hall closet got caught up in the whirlwind and suffered a makeover too, only not quite as nice of one as the attic.

All of the laundry is up to date to the point that I’ve gone looking for things to wash. I’ve washed  the rugs by the back and front door, all the curtains in the house, all the dog’s toys and blankets, and all the stuffed animals in the toy box. I even washed my car’s floor mats. Nothing is safe, not even the clean laundry. If it looks at me the wrong way, watch out buddy. Into the washing machine it goes. I’m loving It!

The Iron and ironing board got a good dusting off  also. I haven’t used either one of those  things in about ten years. All the sheets and bed covers got a good hot smoothing—-while they were still on the bed. I think this is what they call denial….

Who am I kidding;i miss all the noise and  those sticky little hands leaving fingerprints on the refrigerator. I miss the constant running around, up and down the stairs, just to pull the poor cat’s tail. I miss stepping on tiny, green left out army men blending in with the carpet with my bare feet and tripping over Barbie and her entourage  in the hallway.

And If I have to listen to anymore of this quiet, I’m gonna pull my hair out and go running down the street, babbling like an idiot. I miss my little ones.  I knew it was going to be a change. But for heavens sake, no one said it was gonna be this hard. Who am I supposed to take care of and fix pb&j sandwiches for, not to mention talk to while they are gone…the cat?



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  1. I have three of them I can send down to you for a few hours a day…that will cure you!

    Ha, Ha!…..ask me again after I’ve had my second cup of coffee

    Comment by morethananelectrician | September 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. I remember when I walked Brody, the baby, to the school bus, one block away…I walked back into the house, heard the sound of the silence and turned right back around and left and went to a friends. It caught me off guard.
    After all these years though, I kinda like the quiet. The solitude for a time, and then make sure I go somewhere…..
    Enjoy this time, it too is soon gone……Love you..

    When the kids were little and at home, I thought that I couldn’t wait until they were all out and in school. I was wrong. When the day came, I just sat for the first hour on the sofa wondering what I was gonna do with myself. It’s not so bad these days. I do as you said and try to keep busy or visit a friend or something. You want your kids to grow up, but when it happens you kinda wished they hadn’t—that they were still your little angels smearing peanut butter all over the sofa again…. Thanks Barb; love you too.

    Comment by 6justmyopinion | September 23, 2008 | Reply

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