A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Enough is enough!


This hurricane season has gotten on my last nerve, to say the least.  Right now I’d love to slap the ‘official’ who made the comment about the price of gas going up to over five dollars a gallon yesterday because of the impending hurricane, upside his dense, pea-brained  little head!!  We’ve just now begun to recoup a bit from Gustav, so we didn’t need this.   What was he thinking?

Yesterday afternoon, my mother-in-law called to inform me that the price of gas was going to skyrocket up to 5dollars or more per gallon tommorow (today). She’d heard it on the news—THE NEWS, PEOPLE— and that I should hurry and fill up my car and whatever else I  had that would hold gas. I replied half heartedly and told her I’d do it later if I got the chance.

Truthfully, I ignored her and never gave it another thought. She tends to panic with the masses.  Hours went by and my husband came home late. He’d taken the long way home and had stopped at a little, out of the way, forgotten  gas station to fill up our SUV.

“Why fill up way out there?”

“Mass panic, that’s why.” he replied. “The lines at the stations are outrageous. ”

Even out in the middle of the middle of nowhere, there were lines at the pump. He told me that he only had to wait about 15minutes in line to fill up. Apparently the radio stations were feeding the ‘engine’ and telling  folks to gas up. So everyone heard the news…and fell for it.

I decided that since I had to get dog food, that I would go ahead and fill up the car…because I really was out of gas and driving in the red.  I couldn’t pull into the corner store—I couldn’t even reach it—because of the lines of people trying to get to the pump. This was at 8:30 at night.

Folks were ignoring the four way stop and blowing right through it in hopes of getting a place in line. Cars were driving everywhere! Even on the grass shoulder—no order, just pure unadulterated chaos!  And it only got worse the further I went down the road.

Wrecks were happening all over the place. Police  officers were trying to restore order to the stations and road ways, but to no avail.  Folks even began stealing gas from the  immigrant gas station owner down the way too. He was nice enough to let drivers fill up and then pay for the gas. But the ungrateful, idiots were just driving off without paying. The poor man lost hundreds of gallons in gas and profits.  And all of this was happening in the tiny ,little , spit-of-a-thing town I live in.  It was much, much worse in the city where my mother lives—-who by the way just got her power back on yesterday.

Anyway, I filled up there and only had a small wait…about the same as my husband. I then had to navigate my way back to the dollar store to get dog food.  That took some doing, but i made it safely.  I bought the food, and then voiced my feelings about the whole stupid mess out loud to the entire store (which only held me and the check out clerks). The cashier agreed with me.

This morning arrived without any kind of fan fare other than some feeder bands from Ike bringing some wind and rain.  The schools were open and folks were heading to work as usual.  And guess what else?  The price of gas is STILL THE SAME!!!! There aren’t any shortages and the price didn’t jump up through the roof over night. SEE PEOPLE!!!! And according to my hubby, there weren’t any lines at the pumps either. Imagine that….

**Post script:   Just so you know, not everybody here in Louisiana is a idiot.  So when you see on the news a bunch of crazy people showing their ignorance, it only represents a small majority of us.  On behalf of them, I apologize.

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  1. I remember a few years back, there was a scare that there would be a gas shortage, so everyone in Atlanta rushed out to get gas. And guess what? Everyone ran out of gas. It’s almost like we created our own shortage. Within a day or so, everything went back to normal, but it was the weirdest thing!

    It’s kinda the same thing here. If people only used half of their brain….

    Comment by Adam Riggins | September 12, 2008 | Reply

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