A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

A sigh of relief…

Well, looks like we might have dodged the ball this time, but not so sure about those poor folks in Texas…looks like my cousins are about to get pummeled.


September 8, 2008 - Posted by | life, Television, Uncategorized |


  1. I am sure you’ll still see some high water, but it will have to be pretty tame compared to what you are used to having. I hope the thing dies out there!

    From the looks of the latest update, it’s gonna miss us pretty much altogether. Honestly, I don’t think folks around here could take another one so soon. Half of my friends and my mother still don’t have power yet. Some of them were told it would be around 3-4 weeks….can you imagine?!

    Comment by morethananelectrician | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. No, I cannot imagine. We will keep praying , Scottie..Where is your Mom? Did you already tell me?
    Sorry….luv Barb

    Mom lives in Baton Rouge. By all accounts, she was supposed to have power already, but she doesn’t. They tell her it might be this Friday….or next Friday.

    Comment by 6justmyopinion | September 9, 2008 | Reply

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