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Positive Post Tuesday

**Although I’m finding it hard to be positive about stuff today, I shall force myself to be.  And maybe in doing so, I will feel better.**

The other day I was at the doctor’s office waiting for my turn when I picked up a magazine. On the cover was a swim coach, his wife, and a few members of their college swim team. They were standing in a drained pool that was housed in a run down building.

At first I didn’t recognize the pool/ building and then I read the title of the article and was horrified. It couldn’t be; there had to be a mistake. The building was the once grand Huey P. Long pool and field house; a building well known and loved on the LSU campus. I immediately flipped to the article and began reading.

Seems due to lack of funding and lack of purpose ( the LSU swim team no longer  uses the pool for practices)  the pool, which was the largest in country during its heyday, was closed in 1999. And it has sat empty every since.  Graffiti now adorns the walls and boarded up and broken windows now look out upon the grass ridden pool.

According to the article there is no hope is in site for the grand dame.  Funds had been partially set aside before hurricane Katrina, but were redistributed to other needs after the storm. Even if she receives National Landmark status, she can still be torn down. What a waste.

As a life long swimmer ( and a competitor in my younger days) and once an attendee to the university, I was deeply saddened  by this news. Apparently so was Aimee Schmitt, the wife to swim coach and former LSU team member Adam Schmitt. Even though she is a native of California and the only tie she has to the university is her husband, she was troubled by what she saw happening.

So she stepped up to the plate. She now spear heads the fund raising efforts to save the pool. And I wish her all the luck. I encourage you to stop by her website, www.savehpl.org , and give her an ‘atta girl’—she deserves it.

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  1. Are there a lot of “Huey Long” buildings in Louisiana?

    When I was in West Virginia, it seemed like EVERY building was named the Robert Byrd” something!

    Huey did a lot for the state of Louisiana during his ‘stay’—even if he was a scoundrel— especially in Baton Rouge. Lots of buildings/bridges around the state do indeed have his name on them, but even if they don’t they still bare his ‘stamp’.

    Comment by morethananelectrician | August 5, 2008 | Reply

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