A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…


I’m sore…and tired….and did I mention sore?  The kids, cousins, relatives, and I went  hiking  yesterday. The whole chaotic bunch of us met up at the home place in Mississippi and a blast was had by all. The kids jumped over the creek, ran up and down and up the hill again, and ran around in circles in the woods till they couldn’t run anymore…..and then got up and did it all over again!

The adults on the other hand made lunch, picked peaches, and sat on the front porch swing chatting as we spent time catching up on things.  I brought my camera but only remembered doing so towards the end. So I don’t have very many photos to show for my effort. Oh, well…  I still had a great time.

At the moment, as I write this, I’m pondering over a peach cobbler recipe.  I’ve narrowed it down a bit but still am unsure if I want to make it from scratch or go the package mix route. Maybe I’ll start something new on the blog: Front Porch Fridays….home cooking at it’s best. Of course there is that tiny little matter of being able to cook food that can actually be eaten by humans……

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  1. Please, if you make some peach cobbler, send me some. I love that stuff!

    You want it served with or without vanilla Ice cream on top? 🙂

    Comment by adam | July 18, 2008 | Reply

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