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Stupid question for the masses…

Awhile back I called my mother-in-law looking for one of my kids blankets. You know…the got-to-have-or-my-life-can’t-function security blanket. “BB is lost without me; he’ll be scared all alone.”

Well, they had just come from spending the day at her house so I thought I would start there. We went through the usual pleasantries of saying hello and such, but then I got right down to the question: had she seen the blanket.

“No, ” she replied before she went on a search of the premises.

She came back to the phone empty handed. She then asked me if i had searched certain places in my house, one being the sofa. I replied that I had just cleaned the house and didn’t find it.

“Did you look under it?”

Well, I found this question to be a very absurd and stupid one. You see when I vacuum, I move all the furniture so that I can get the trash and crumbs underneath or behind it. This includes the refrigerator, washer and dryer, dinner table, and sofas ( I even do the cushions).

I do this each and every time I clean. I sometimes move the beds but not always and the TV cabinet is too heavy. When you have a large brood, dirt gets everywhere. Throw in animals, a hubby, and it’s complete chaos!

My mother-in-law found this to be very odd, bordering on men in white suits and  pink padded rooms. “Who does that?” Obviously she doesn’t partake in this practice.

So my question for the masses is this:  When cleaning, do you just clean around areas/furniture or do you move stuff around and get the ‘underneaths and in betweens’?  If so, how often?

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  1. you lost me at “when cleaning…”. I’m really bad about that.

    you and my husband share the same affliction! 🙂

    Comment by adam | July 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hot topic in our house…I am a mover, my wife isn’t. So she gets mad when i go around th house moving stuff (she takes it as an insult).

    Dirt and crumbs indeed get everywhere.

    I spend a lot of time in “other people’s houses” and you are in the minority on this one.
    Yeah, I think I’m alone on this one too. Most people I’ve talked to don’t move stuff—even ones who clean houses for a living.

    Comment by morethananelectrician | July 16, 2008 | Reply

  3. I realize dirt and dust get everywhere but I just clean around things. Well, I pick stuff off the floor to vacuum but I don’t actually move furniture. I’m not sure I could even if I wanted to.

    I don’t necessarily move as much as I shove stuff around. I’m beginning to think I’m weird and that I got it from my mother. She’s in her elderly years and still ‘shoves’ stuff around to clean.

    Comment by bluesuit12 | July 18, 2008 | Reply

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