A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

So far…

Well, I can’t really say that this is a review of the week because it’s only Tuesday. But so much has gone on since I last posted.

— My three youngest children got baptized. My middle son was a little upset when he found out that he wouldn’t be ‘swimming’ in a pool but a large bathtub for the baptismal.

— My oldest son started summer school and the cost of gas to bring him back and forth, is killing me. We decided to make him pay for it. Now we stay in town (instead of driving back home and back again) and play at the park for two hours or go to the library. So it’s not so bad on the other kiddies even though we have to leave the house at 7:15 in the morning.

— We sold our pasture land only to find out that it wasn’t free and clear to sell. Seems there’s some type of problem..

— No one has made an offer on our house yet, which is free and clear to sell. We’ve dropped the price four different times. If only we could get them to make some kind of offer….

— Got kinda bummed about the high price of gas. The nearing 4 dollars a gallon has meant that I can’t do my favorite hobby whenever I want to. I used to love and drive around the countryside taking pictures of everyone and everything. I pointed this out to my hubby upon which he answered, ” you’ve only got close to ten thousand pictures ( the actual count is somewhere around 9732) on file. Why not post some of those? Why do you have to have new ones?” He’s got a point….

— My oldest son decided to get water baptized this past weekend. My five year old wanted to know how come she couldn’t get ‘appetized’ again. (yes folks, that’s what she said..)

— We got stranded at a park—with no bathrooms— across from my son’s summer school today. My littlest angel grabbed her pants and told me very excitedly that she had to potty. We walked across the street and broke into the schools chapel to find a bathroom for my three year old. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it breaking in…more like sneaking in; the door was unlocked. I had to potty too. My other children stood guard outside as lookouts for any stray, gray-headed, glasses wearing, Nun-type teachers. We got caught by the high school student instead whose job it is to…I don’t know exactly what his job is. Possible his job is to catch insane housewives breaking into school chapels in search of a bathroom.

—When we got home, our blind cat was chasing a small field rabbit. The kids went berserk. I had to out run the cat to capture the rabbit— Not an easy task even if she is blind.  It’s now been named floppsy and is resting comfortably in a pet carrier in the barn. We’ll see how this turns out…..

—Registered my five year old for kindergarten today. Forgot half of the paper work at home. You’d think I would have this process down to a science by now. Maybe I’ll get it right with the last child….don’t hold your breath.

— Was blessed with a car load of groceries this week. God is good!! ( everybody say ‘all the time.’) He’s blessed us twice now with food. Once, with two gift cards given to us worth two hundred and fifty dollars and now. Mom was cleaning out her freezer and said she had all this food that was going to be thrown out if it wasn’t eaten soon. I told her to bring it on; I never turn down free food or cloths.

We received whole and cut up hams and chickens, cookies, pizzas, snacks of every kind, rolls, frozen seafood, frozen dinners, veggies, etc. All in all It was more than enough to feed us for at least two weeks. And just when I was quietly wondering to God how we were gonna eat these next few weeks. Once again, God is good!!

— Had a punishment backfire on me. My oldest son failed his first test of summer school and then made excuses about it. I was spitting mad. Everything has/was already taken away from him, so I had to come up with some sort of punishment that would fit the crime. LAUNDRY. Only I discovered, as well as he did, that he loves doing it. He sorts, folds, washes, plays with the dogs during the drying cycle, and puts the items away. He can’t wait to get home from school and do the laundry. He even got into a fight with his older sister as to who would get to put the soap in the machine. Hmmm…maybe he’ll discover he likes scrubbing toilets too.

— I tried to buy a ten minute nap from the grocery store checkout clerk today. She laughed and said that they were fresh out of them. I then asked her if they had any five minute naps laying around somewhere. ‘No’ was the answer she gave me…and without a smile this time. I guess the joke just wasn’t as funny the second go-around.

So on that note, I will end this list of sorts here and head for the sofa for a little shut eye before the afternoon chaos kicks in to high gear.



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  1. If he likes doing laundry…punish away!

    Comment by morethananelectrician | June 11, 2008 | Reply

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