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Didn’t expect that

Well I just had the wind taken out of my sails. Someone very close to me, whose opinion I value the most over anyone else, told me today that they didn’t like my blog. “Not that it’s stupid or anything,” were the words they chose, ” I just like your photo blog better.’ Ouch!

I started the blog as a way to put down my thoughts and maybe make a few people laugh in the process. Ok, so I don’t have very many steady readers and I’m not very funny. That wasn’t the point, really. It was just for me and the well meaning comment above hurt—more than they will ever realize.

But because this person means so much to me, I will reluctantly heed their words and focus more on the photo blog—the blog that no one looks at or comments on….ever. So I apologize to the few of you who do stop by here from time to time and read as I won’t have many updates in the near future. But please, by all means, stop by the photo blog and tell me how I’m doing. You can find it in the list to the right of this article. (Scottie’s world)


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