A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

A rare glimpse

As I was traveling on the road today, something amazing crossed my path. There on the deserted road in front of me, hiding amongst the tall grass, was none other than the elusive, stripped/flowered mattress. I couldn’t believe my eyes! This particular species itself has only recently been discovered; studied only by a small number of naturalist and zoologist. So much is still unknown about this rare creature.

What a find and It looked so young too. I knew no one would believe what I saw, so i quickly grabbed my camera and began shooting pictures. Slowly I eased my car past the shy creature, hoping that it would remain for a second pass and a better shot.

It remained very still—too still in fact. And on my second pass I noticed why. The beast was hurt. Apparently, It had tried to cross the road earlier in the morning and had gotten struck by a car. Large pieces of foam were seeping out of its corner. It’s injuries were too great and my heart ached for the loss of what was to soon be a dead animal; road kill.

So as I snapped one more picture, I promised not to let its death be in vain. I would dedicate my life from here on out on the saving of these beautiful creatures. I would educate the world and bring awareness of their plight.

And here I am sharing with you—the world— their plight. I’ve started a fund to help pay for the sanctuary i plan to create for them in my own backyard. Here they will be able to roam freely without the worry of being hunted to extinction or hit by stray cars. Feel free to donate as your heart tells you to. The mattresses and I thank you….


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