A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Field Trips out the Whazoo

Well the field trip yesterday with my daughter went great. I was actually able to find a parking spot downtown on the  street and avoid paying the parking fee of $5 for two hours in one of the lots. Which was great because the  field trip lasted longer than expected and I didn’t have any extra cash on me.

The kids had a great time running a playing and exploring the different stuff. Plus we didn’t loose any of them when it came time to leave. I’m sure the parents were happy about that.

My son’s trip last week was also a fun time for all. A little too much fun actually. We went to a strawberry farm.  And as usual, along with my child, I had picked up a few strays along the way. It seems that I’m the designated mother hen to the kids who’s parents couldn’t come or the kids who are a bit ‘odd’ and drive the teacher and other kids nuts. Which is fine with me seeing as how I’m a bit ‘odd’ myself.

Anyway, everything was going fine until I decided to throw something into the trash. You see there was this big, juicy but very rotten strawberry on the ground in front of me. Well I scouted the area for a trash can and found one behind me a few feet away. So I picked up the berry then turned to toss it into the bin. Well there happened to be a lady behind me (who came out of nowhere—I swear) and SMACK! I hit her with the berry. EVERYBODY gasped. Oh, did I mention that the lady was tattoo ladened and sported several body piercings?  She looked as if she could throw me to the ground, snap my spine in half, and do it all before I blinked.

I began apologizing profusely like a woman on death row. About that time one of the kids I was watching shouted out, ” OOOHHH; You broke the rules!”  He was right. We weren’t supposed to throw the berries and I had done so.

The lady was cool about the whole thing  and promised not to kill me. I still kept a watchful eye out just in case she changed her mind. I behaved myself from there on out and the rest of the morning went off without a hitch.  Then came lunch time.  But for the sake of time, I won’t tell that end of the story. Let’s just say that when the trip was over, half of the kiddies were soaking wet and the moms and some of the teachers were very angry at a few of us chaperones. I guess we shouldn’t have let them play in the water park after all………….


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