A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Week in review

Let’s see………

Oh, yes… The septic tank backed up again and flooded the house with a wonderful odor that can only be expressed as… distinctive, particular, and one of a kind.

Daughter learned to use the potty like a big girl. It only took two days (a record in this house) to accomplish this feat. The only causalities were one bathroom rug, three sets of clothes, and a spot cleaning on the stairs. All in all, not bad.

The repo man called about the tractor–a tractor that we no longer own. It was sold over a year ago. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Youngest son wrote a report on Neil Armstrong–you know the first dude to walk on the moon. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Of course if you ask my hubby, he says it never happened. The whole moon thing was a fake. Had to make sure that my son didn’t put that in his report…

Watched the rest of the Star Wars movies. I was told by my oldest daughter that Han Solo looks better in the Leggo Star Wars game than in real life.

Hubby fixed the riding lawn mower. It seems it was a good thing that we had that old mower rusting behind the barn. The same one that he cursed the previous owners for leaving behind when they moved. The motors interchanged perfectly and I was able to cut the grass again…oh joy

Our real estate agent/friend called. She’s quiting the business and closing up shop to take another job so she can feed her family and not loose her own house. Our house, by the way, is no longer on the market. In six months we’ve only had a total of seven people call about the property and only two of those actually came to look at the house. I guess log houses aren’t as cool to live in as they used to be. I’m convinced that it has nothing to do with our house being untouched on it’s decor since 1979.

I cleaned the kitchen appliances and now the coffee pot doesn’t work. And after my hubby found out that i cleaned the can opener, he won’t use it or let the kiddies use it. I only dropped it in the water once, I don’t see what he’s so worried about…

Was informed by my middle daughter that she wants a swimming pool, a trampoline, and a space walk for her birthday. She also wants to be princess Leigh when she grows up…

I was asked by the same daughter, just what exactly was wrong with her little sister. When inquired what she meant, she told me that If her sister had turned three a few weeks ago then why doesn’t she speak like a three year old.

Had several ‘elderly moments’. Had to call hubby from the store and ask him why i was there in the first place. It only took me a few minutes to remember my home phone number this time. I think I will start having vital info tattooed on the bottom of my feet. Things like my name, phone number, and where i live in case I get lost….

Still haven’t figured out why my photo shop program and my computer don’t get along. It will let me make changes to pictures, but when I go to save them it goes all stupid on me and says there’s nothing to save….

Had a dream that I won a trip to Europe, but waited until ten minutes before the plane was due to take off from the runway to pack my things…. so instead of rushing to catch my flight, I went to Wall-Mart and bought a hair dryer.

And finally, I will admit that chickens are nasty, disgusting, smelly creatures. I think I’ve lost my taste for eggs too…..

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  1. What a mixture of good and bad.

    If you tattoo it to the bottom of your foot, you are going to have a hard time reading the information. I couldn’t look at the bottom of my foot anymore unless it was in a mirror. Better have it written backwards!

    Comment by morethananelectrician | April 14, 2008 | Reply

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