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The beautiful let down

Well the big day came and went: Third Day’s concert. Maybe it’s my age or maybe it was just the timing of the concert, but I was a bit disappointed with the whole thing.
The house was packed to the rafters with fans which did nothing for the building’s sweltering heat. Where was the air conditioner??!!! The promoters too had oversold the artist circle tickets–which were the good front row seat tickets—and everybody had to squish together like sardines. I was not happy.

When the general public was allowed to enter, they just filled up the aisle. So all that eating of hot dogs and spaghetti we did as a family for weeks just to afford the artist circle tickets, was for nothing. Still, I tried to stay positive.

The opening bands were great. Decemberadio kicked butt and Revive, though a new comer, has a good footing in the door of the Rock and Roll business.

During intermission, the kiddies and I scrambled for autographs. We met the band members and even got them to sign a ‘happy birthday’ picture for my younger son. They(the band) thought that was,” sooooo cool.”

With intermission over we hurried back to our seats to hear the band that we had come to see: Third Day. They opened with Rockstar and followed it with a wonderful set of songs that included one of my favorites, Love Song.

But sadly all the bands were in a hurry to leave in order to make it home for the Easter weekend and so really the concert was cut short. The opening bands had already packed up and left by the time Third Day was nearing the middle of their set. So the song they all performed together at the close, didn’t happen.

At the end of the concert I was tired, hot, disappointed, and the kiddies had fallen asleep on me. I wanted to go home. It was near mid-night and I still had a long drive ahead of me. I could understand the bands’ point of view.

During the concert, my contact lens decided to act up as if I didn’t have anything better to deal with. I was having trouble seeing but I didn’t tell the kids that. They just piled into the car when it was over and went to sleep.

I got lost on the way home…like I had feared. I can’t stand _____ (name of city) . It’s the only city in the continental United States that I get lost in. My husband will tell you, I become a confused, babbling idiot in the city. Right becomes left and up becomes down. Nothing makes sense to me there.

After a half hour of going around in circles, I called hubby and asked him to direct me out. We fought; his directions from map quest were going to slow for my driving. Several illegal u-turns later and I had finally found my bearings. Praise God! I was heading for home like a bat out of hell. Never mind that I still couldn’t see out of my right eye.

With nothing else around for miles, I was forced to pull off for gas in this tiny, tiny town twenty miles shy of home . I had to pay extortion prices at the pump too. I guess the little town figured out this was a great way to make money because it wasn’t big enough to set up a speed trap. I was traveling on ‘0’ miles to empty and had been doing so for the last ten minutes and no other choice but to comply with their lone shark ways. I wanted to get home.

With the tank five gallons heaver (I couldn’t afford to put in any more than that) we started back on the road. Only we didn’t get any further than the edge of the parking lot. I couldn’t see with my contacts in anymore. So I took them out and found my glasses that I was smart enough to bring at the bottom of my purse. My daughter woke up long enough to look out the window and reply, “figures, we’re lost.” I told her to shut up and go back to sleep.

Finally, we pulled into the driveway and I couldn’t have been happier. The kiddies crawled out and made their way into the house. I followed suit. Hubby had waited up for us and greeted his rag-tag bunch at the door. I kissed him, apologized for yelling at him on the phone earlier when I was lost, and told him that I was going to bed.

I don’t think I will be doing anymore concerts for a while. This one just took too much out of me. I still think it had something to do with the timing.



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  1. You are a much braver sole than I…

    Comment by morethananelectrician | April 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. I wouldn’t call it bravery as much as I would call it stupidity, but thanks…….

    Comment by Scottie | April 2, 2008 | Reply

  3. I would love to go see Third Day as a quartet. As far as Decemberadio, I saw them once and LOVED it. THey really bring the rock!

    Comment by adam | April 2, 2008 | Reply

  4. Brad was deeply missed and poor Mark was having to pull double duty all night. But it was still great to see them. Mac was a ball of energy and wouldn’t stay still in one place for longer than two seconds. I like to never got a picture of him.

    The one group I wished that I could have seen in concert was Audio Adrenaline. I love their music! It’s a shame they aren’t a group anymore.

    Comment by Scottie | April 2, 2008 | Reply

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