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Beauty hidden amongst the trees

A few months back, I took the kiddies on a little road trip. We had been traveling for about an hour when I saw something that caught my eye, hidden amongst the tree tops.

I quickly pulled the car over to the side of the road, turned off the engine, and told the kids to put their shoes on—we were going for a little walk. After much groaning (my kids don’t share the same zeal for adventure as I do), we hopped a cattle gate with a sign reading: PRIVATE PROPERTY; KEEP OUT.

Stop right there; I know what you are thinking, but there’s no need to congratulate me on the good example I set for my kids. Come on; really. It’s not like were vandals with cans of red spray paint looking to tag something or a bunch of college kids playing a game of tip the cow.

Besides, I told my daughter that if the police did come after us, we only had to run faster than her brother. She pondered for a minute and then replied, “oh” as her mind was put to ease.

So on the road we walked, between the cow pastures, talking about life when lo and behold this church suddenly popped out at us from behind the edge of the forest line. Wow! What a sight to see.

We all stopped in our tracks and stared at the beauty of this beast. It was even more breath taking inside. Apparently what I had seen from the road, nestled between the moss covered branches was the bell tower.

Once inside, we took a slow look around in silence–marveling at what we saw: nothing. But even though the tiny, one room building was empty it was still filled with peace…to the point of being spiritual. We took a few pictures then left as quietly as we had entered, making our way through the knee high grass.

My daughter ran back to the car once we reached the road, making sure  to out run her older brother…just in case. We climbed back over the fence, hopped back in the car, and then left to find some ice cream ( which is another trip in itself but one better saved for another time).


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