A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

What was I thinking?!!

This has got to be one of THE most STUPIDEST things I’ve ever said………….

The kids and I went to a Christan rock concert the other night–Shane and Shane. It was great! The kiddies loved it and all of us had a blast. At the end of the three hour concert, we did our normal autograph hunt. We stood in line like everyone else and waited quietly for our turn.

Finally, we reached the artists table. I feel I must say something here before I go on. I need to stress the fact that I was really tired….really, REALLY tired. And when I get tired, I have this wonderful gift, a curse more so, that kicks in: I tend to say off the wall stuff—really, REALLY off the wall stuff.

Anyway, our turn came and the lady next to me was congratulating two of the artist on their engagement to each other. The girl, Bethany Dillon, was a very sweet girl and her future hubby, Shane something-or-other, was a very funny guy. He had the kids laughing like crazy during the concert.

Everything was going smoothly. The typical celeb / fan chit-chat is being bantered back and forth. I like your new album; nice hair; funny joke you told on stage; your music is such a blessing, glad we came, etc. Smooth as glass; nothing out of the ordinary. That was until we go to move down to the next artist.

You see, there was a delay in our line’s movement. And for some reason or other (insanity most likely) I decided at that very moment in the time-space continuum to take it upon myself to share a bit of hard earned marital advice to the soon-to-be-married couple.

So I turned to Shane what’s-his-name and blurted out, “You know when you two get hitched, that doesn’t mean you can leave your dirty clothes lying on the floor, three feet from the hamper.” And then if that wasn’t bad enough, I continued on to his future wife. “Don’t let him get away with it either, honey.”

Everybody turned and looked at me—fans, kids, and innocent bystanders— all shocked by my words. The couple also looked at me, whispered something to each other, and then gave me a weary look and smile, saying nothing about my wild comment.

Heavens;what was I thinking?!!! How ‘nutso’ can one woman get—-even for a southerner? I felt like a complete moron. Let’s just hope I don’t show my insanity when Third Day comes to town at the end of this month. There’s no telling what kind of advice/ wisdom I’ll offer up. By the way, maybe you shouldn’t hold your breath………


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  1. Ha! That’s funny! So, how does that foot taste?? (jk)

    Put a little hot sauce on it and it’s not bad..ha! ha!

    Comment by Adam Riggins | April 2, 2008 | Reply

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