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Going Green?

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately from people of different walks of life, and I must say that I’ve found it all very interesting. Recently, I’ve stumbled across one blog that has or rather offers tips for living. Most, if not all, are written /suggested by stay at home moms. I’m a stay at home mom. You’d think we’d have something in common, right? Not by a million.
They are all into saving the environment and offer up tips for doing your part. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m just as environmentally conscience as the next guy. Just apparently not in the same way as these bloggers.Take for example one lady who suggested new ways to wash out and reuse your zipplock baggies.
I reuse them from time to time, but to go to the extreme of putting them in your dishwasher, and then letting them dry on a ‘fabricated out of paper towel holder, just-for-the-need-device is a bit much. Especially, when you can no longer see through the once clear bag and it crumbles when you touch it. Throw it away, people! ( she took pictures for all to see…)
Let’s not forget about the lady who washes her used DIAPER WIPES that she has just wiped her baby’s tooshie with, in the washing machine and then reuses them for napkins later when she eats. (I won’t even go there…)
Or the lady who used to measure out exactly eight ounces of water (for whatever the reason) and then discovered that her sick daughter’s Gatorade bottle held just the right amount. She is proud to say that she has been using that same bottle for months now. Not once did she mentioned anything about washing it out in her article. Throw it away, people!
Washing dental floss in the washing machine to reuse again later? Here, I will loan you a dollar to buy yourself a new roll.
Cutting your dryer sheets into tiny strips and using them until they are thread bare then demoting them to dust rags? Why not; Howard Hughes used Kleenex boxes for slippers…
Unrolling and pre-cutting your toilet paper roll so that the person on the ‘can’ will only get his predetermined four squares each time?-

I passed on reading how to make your child’s diapers last longer or how to make a stinky diaper smell better while still on the child.

I like to reuse our empty water jugs a time or two, but then it hits the trash or is recycled as a scoop for the chicken food. And I like to reuse the Tupperware-like containers that some foods comes in. But only for one use and then it becomes a bug cage for the kids before finally ending up in the trash (with or without the bug still in it).

I also like to reuse the endless supply of Wal-mart bags we always seem to have around too. They make a great pooper scooper for when you forget to let Fido out on time. But I’m not gonna use them for luggage when I travel out of the country. Sorry.

All in all, I have to say the most absurd ‘green’ idea I’ve run across lately is this: antibiotic-free chicken meat offered by Tyson. I’m sorry, but think about that for a moment. I raise chickens. Therefore, I know all about the parasites the stupid birds can get…parasites that burrow deep in their skin…worms that can be passed bird to bird and then onto the person who eats the ‘untreated’ chicken. Still in the mood for some antibiotic-free chicken on your lunch salad?


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