A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Walking on water

Almost two years ago, I had a dream–not quite like Dr. Martin Luther’s, but just as important. In this dream, I was in Africa standing in the middle of a vast sea of children. All of them were smiling and pointing at the fancy camera hung around my neck.

Okay; so that in and of itself doesn’t fall into the category of being all that important or life altering. After all It was just a dream, right? But for me it wasn’t. And what God spoke to me in the dream, blindsided me to say the least. He whispered that I was to take pictures with my camera, sell them, and use the profits to help out these children.

Naturally, when I woke the next morning, I had more than my fair share of reasons and excuses as to why this would not be possible. The main one being: I was not a photographer–amateur or otherwise. And at the time, I had only had my new camera for a few months. I hadn’t even figured out to work the flash yet without the help of my hubby (sad, I know).

But the feeling stayed with me and wouldn’t let go. So one day, I took a deep breath and jumped out of the boat, so to speak, onto the water; putting my faith in God. He would have to supply the talent, the funds, and the means to start this endeavor.

I’m ashamed to say that two years later I haven’t gotten very far from the safety of the boat. In fact, I’ve actually reentered it and donned the life vest. Walking on water can be pretty intimidating especially if you start to look down at the waves crashing at your feet. To make matters worse, the site that was hosting my web page went belly up.

Then a few weeks back, my daughter came to me and asked if we could sponsor a child like the one she had just seen on TV. You know the commercials…the ones showing orphaned kids living in poverty as they sit on someone’s lap and that person in turn is asking you for help.

Bless my daughter’s heart. In the past I’ve always made excuses as to why we couldn’t help out, but at this particular moment I had run out of reasons. “Yes,” I told her, jumping out of the boat once again. “We can help out.”

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs as of late and you know how it goes. One blog will have a link to another one, and that one will have a link to another one. Well, it just so happened that I started out with Mark Lee’s (a band member of Third Day) blog and thanks to his help, stumbled upon a blog called BooMama which in turn led me to Shaun Groves’ ( another Christian singer) blog. They are all avid believers in the mission group called Compassion. Each one of these bloggers has unknowingly provided the positive support and reasoning I needed to help move me forward, away from the boat.

And that is direction I’ve decided to head in, here with this particular organization. My daughter and I will sell our photos and hopefully raise enough money to sponsor one of these kids in need on a regular basis. I can’t wait to share our experience. So look for updates as to how we are doing. Who knows, maybe I will convince you to help sponsor a child in need along the way.

By the way, would any of you like to buy a photo for a good cause?


February 15, 2008 - Posted by | family, life, religion

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