A Southern Fried Mess

Insanity is a southern necessity…

Leggo my Eggo…

Breakfast anyone?Ever since the birth of my first child, I have been in a constant state of hurriedness in the morning. Somehow, by the grace of God, today was different. I was only a few minutes behind schedule instead of my usual half hour.

I discovered that between fixing my hair and kicking the cat out of the house, I had just enough time to dish waffles out to the younger kiddos before leaving. I looked like a Vegas pro, honey, let me tell you. Hot waffles were flying in all directions, and not a single one of them hit the floor ( alright, so the last waffle is still under review by the officials. I say that it hit the carpet and not the floor). I even managed to slap some butter on them too before they had time to cool on the plate.

Anyway, out the door we ran with our breakfast in hand. And this time (mom would be so proud of me), I remembered to put my two year old into the car and not to leave her standing on the stairs before driving away.

Into the car we climbed, down the driveway I sped, and out into the traffic I flew. We were making great time as we cruised along. Only I noticed something strange going on around us. People were pointing at the car as they passed by us, laughing.

I looked in the rear view mirror, thinking I had something sticking up in my hair, but nothing unusual starred back at me and the kids all looked to be normal (well as normal as kids go anyway). So I chalked it up to people just being in a good mood, that’s all, and didn’t think anymore about it as we plowed on.

Well, we made the run across two towns to the preschool and back without any problems. I pulled off the road and onto the driveway, doing the usual ‘try-to-see-how-many-chickens-you-can-run-over’ game ( you get five points per chicken…ten for the rooster) as I made my way to the garage.

I parked the car and my daughter and I climbed out. As we rounded the back of the vehicle, she cried out with joy. “My waffle!”There on the bumper, much to my amazement, was a half eaten, soggy Eggo. Honest to goodness, there it was. Somehow, it had managed to stay glued to the car’s rear end through the entire trip.

Over joyed, she reached out a tiny little hand towards her forgotten breakfast. Only by my quick thinking and Kung-Foo like reflexes ( Bruce Lee look out..), did I manage to keep her from picking the darn thing up and eating it.

I know, I know; you don’t believe me. But, sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

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